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Eat Local: How and Why?


If you’re a Northern California resident, you may have noticed these two guys hanging out in the nutrition bar section at Whole Foods.

If you don’t recognize themthose are ReGrained’s founders, Dan and Jordan. They’re reminding shoppers to support local brands (like ReGrained)!

It’s exciting that more folks will be able to support our edible upcycling mission during their regular grocery shopping. We’re grateful to have a partner like Whole Foods that celebrates local brands. 

On a larger scale, we are proud to support the movement to eat local. We often think of eating “local” in terms of where our produce comes from, but where our shelved goods come from is also an important aspect of eating locally. 

Whether or not you live close to where we make our upcycled snacks, here are a few things to think about as you make an effort to eat locally:


Locally-sourced food often has a smaller environmental footprint. When the food you buy is coming from somewhere nearby, that usually means fewer greenhouse gases were emitted from trucks to transport the food from the farm or production facility to your local market. 


Keep your money local! When buying food produced locally, you are putting your dollars and taxes back into your community, whether that be your town or state. Keeping your spending local is a direct investment in yourself and your neighbors.
Support Small. Most local farms and small companies use agricultural and manufacturing practices that are better for the planet or focus on upholding workers’ rights. When you buy local, chances are you’ll get more insight into where your food comes from, who is making it, and how it got to you. 


Hopefully this inspires you to eat more locally! Start small by switching to crackers made from American-grown wheat or buying produce that’s in season! If you live in the Bay Area, we hope you’ll think about snagging some of our bars at Whole Foods, too. Eat Up!


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