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Upcycled Ingredients & Innovation

Ready to elevate the future of food with us? We are your partners in unlocking upcycled food innovation potential for your business. With our expert insights and proprietary technologies, Upcycled Foods, Inc. (UP, Inc.) is a hub for innovative B2B ingredients and services. Explore our flagship product, ReGrained SuperGrain, and our growing portfolio of complementary ingredients, value-added products, and private label capabilities. Together, let’s better align the food we eat with the planet and people we love.

Upcycled Ingredient Supplier

Our versatile, upcycled ingredients like ReGrained SuperGrain and upcycled coffee leaf tea deliver unmatched culinary potential, nutritional potency, and measurable impact.

Innovation Inspiration

We help teams develop top-selling upcycled food products supported by health and environmental claims quickly from concept to market. We are a team of foodies, brand geeks, sustainability nerds, innovators and creators dedicated to powering your next generation of product innovations as a development partner and ingredient supplier.

Industry Thought-Leader

Upcycling is the solution to reduce food waste, eliminate food insecurities, and conserve our limited resources and we’re here to provide support throughout the process.

Let’s Innovate Together! 

ReGrained SuperGrain

Upcycled Foods, Inc. deploys patented technology to rescue and upcycle the nutritious sprouted ancient grains desugared naturally in the brewing process. ReGrained SuperGrain is a versatile, economical and environmentally friendly grain powder that is rich in plant protein, dietary fiber and prebiotics. Add ReGrained SuperGrain to baked goods, snacks, extrusions, coatings, sauces, beverages and many more commercial applications to easily deliver the “better for you” nutritional and sustainability innovations your customers demand.

Innovation As A Force For Good

We believe in collaborative innovation and want to partner with you to develop your next great product that meets consumer demand for delicious, nutritious, and sustainable food options.

“Upcycled Foods, Inc. helped us connect the dots between our food waste reduction goals and our private brands product innovation priorities.” – Mike Florea, Kroger Private Brands 

Why Upcycled Food Matters

Globally 1/3 of agricultural land goes to food that’s never eaten, $1 trillion is lost on food waste every year, and 8% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste. Upcycling is a leading solution in terms of environmental impact and economic value. By upcycling at scale, together we can reduce food waste, eliminate food insecurities, and conserve our limited resources.

Experience the Journey

How we transform brewer’s “spent” grain into something super:

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