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Our mission is to better align the food we eat with the planet and people we love.

Our Story

Today, Upcycled Foods, Inc. powers the B2B upcycled food economy with product development expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a growing portfolio of ingredient solutions…but that’s not how it started.

The story started during college when co-founders Dan & Jordan delved into the craft of homebrewing beer. With each batch they brewed, they found themselves with surplus grain – a pound per six-pack – and a spark of inspiration to create flavorful, nutritious bread. Initially, their ambition was modest: earn enough money to brew beer for free. However, their trajectory shifted dramatically upon discovering the immense quantity of brewers’ “spent” grain generated annually by commercial brewing. This discovery ignited a grander vision – to close the loop on a grander scale.

Soon, they began harvesting this ingredient from craft breweries and created ReGrained SuperGrain,, developing patented technology with the USDA along the way. ReGrained SuperGrain+® is a first-of-its-kind upcycled food ingredient loaded with fiber, protein and functional benefits–and an opportunity to meet consumer demand with tasty, nutritious foods for a healthier planet. Fast-forward to the present, and this venture has evolved into a collective effort, encompassing a team of seasoned experts and industry-leading partners, all committed to thrusting the upcycled food revolution into the mainstream.

Our purpose remains steadfast: to unearth nutritional treasures from brewer’s grain and beyond. Through our expanding range of upcycled ingredients, we’re closing the loop on overlooked and undervalued supply chains within our food system, all while delivering excellence in taste, nutrition, and functionality.

Cheers and #EatUp!

The Inspiration And Vision For ReGrained SuperGrain

How We’re Making Change

The impact of food waste is huge and we’re doing our part to change it. With our patented technology and expertise leading the way, we’re growing our portfolio of solutions and becoming the premier B2B ingredient and innovation partner.

ReGrained SuperGrain Sustainability Metrics

Our flagship upcycled ingredient offering boasts more fiber+protein per unit of
CO2+water+land than wheat or other wheat alternatives.

1.1115 Kg C02
Per Kg Of Flour

0 M2 Per Kg Flour

0.04 L H20
Per Kg Flour

Our Impact
1.3 million lbs diverted

We have diverted 1.3 million lbs of food waste…and counting!

39 Million LITERS saved

39 million liters of water use avoided compared
to wheat flour production.

40 ACRES saved

40 acres of land use avoided compared to wheat flour.

Our Pledge

We pledge to upcycle more than 10 million lbs of food by 2025.

Cerfications And Affiliations

Upcycled Certification

ReGrained SuperGrain, proudly stands among the pioneering ingredients globally to attain certification from the Upcycled Food Association. This certification rigorously verifies our commitment to authentic food waste reduction and positive environmental impact.

business as a force for good

Our Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) legal entity status and BCorp Certification lock in mission and commitment to business as a force for good for people, planet, and profit.

1% of sales donated

We donate 1% of sales in support of environmental causes.

Upcycled Industry Trade Association

To help create a rising tide, we cofounded industry non-profits the Upcycled Food Association and Foundation. The organization now boasts 200+ members and administers a mission-critical third-party certification.

Packaging and Climate Collaborative

We participate in a coalition of conscious brands to share best practices and coordinate action on packaging and climate issues with 40+ member brands.

Supporting Local Non-Profits
entrepreneurs Nationwide

We supports FoodShift as our 1% For the Planet partner. So far we have provided over $42k in value to date and helped them to secure over $50k in grant funding.

Our Leadership Team

Dan Kurzrock

Dan Kurzrock

Founder & CEO

Dalton Allen

Dalton Allen

President & CFO

Lara Ramdin

Dr. Lara Ramdin

Chief Innovation & Science Officer

Antoinette Bruno

Antoinette Bruno

Chief Commercial Officer

Kevin Benensohn

Kevin Benensohn

 Ingredient Sales

Edward Hoffman

Edward Hoffman


Henry Fischer

Henry Fischer

Product Development

Will Hamilton

Will Hamilton

Operations Manager

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