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How Upcycled Product Innovation Can Help Grocers Address Their Sustainability Priorities In 2023

    How upcycled product innovation can help grocers address their sustainability priorities in 2023   As sustainability becomes an increasingly important focus for consumers and businesses alike, grocery retailers are looking for ways to reduce waste and make their operations more sustainable. According to a recent study by Supermarket News, 71% grocers listed sustainability as a key…

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Wasting Less Food This Holiday Season

The holiday season and 2022 is upon us! Here are five easy tips to waste less and reduce your own food waste footprint now and into the coming year.  (SPOILER ALERT: #5 of them is to eat upcycled. Shocking, we know!)  Let's get started... 1) Your Meal Plan Is Shopping List Decide which recipes you’ll cook for the week before heading…

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How To Make Upcycled Vegetable Broth At Home

The tops of carrots, stems of kale, ends or celery, and skins of onions and garlic are all parts that we would normally throw away or compost.  Making soup broth instead is one of the easiest and time-honored ways to upcycle food at home. With so many convenient packaged options available at the grocery store,…

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ReGrained’s Guide to Eating Responsibly in 2021

2020 tested all of us. We faced both personal and collective challenges. However, 2020 also revealed incredible moments of humanity, of reaching beyond ourselves to help others. In that spirit, we were inspired to craft some New Year’s Resolutions to "Eat Responsibly" and share them with you! #1 Prepare a Plan Eating healthfully and sustainably starts before even stepping…

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Happy Planet, Healthy You

We are often presented with questions and choices that seem to offer us very few options, either we choose our individual health and well-being or the health of the planet. We are being told that these options are mutually exclusive. Perhaps this is no surprise as much of industry insists that profit must come at…

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