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Why We Exist

At ReGrained, we believe that people want to eat greattasting, nutritious food that protects our planet’s dwindling resources.

Wouldn’t you agree? 

This simple belief gave us a reason to exist, and it guides every choice we make. We’re a conscious company on a mission to reduce waste, nourish people and positively impact our community.

We’ve coined a name for the model we use to achieve our mission: “Edible Upcycling.” Edible Upcycling looks at what’s left behind in our food system and sees fresh beginnings instead of endings.

Have you ever considered that waste and resources might not be opposites? It takes an open mind to cross this divide; it takes creativity to close the loop. But we’ve seen that the concept of waste as an unrealized resource resonates with people, because honestly, it’s just intuitive. In nature, life cycles are circular; in business, any waste works directly against profits.

We’re here to prove that a) overlooked, but awesome potential ingredients exist and b) we can render them into incredible foods that are simultaneously good for people and good for the planet. Our initial focus has been on upcycling the billions of pounds of nutritious grain created every time beer is brewed into SuperGrain+.

We love Edible Upcycling because of its straightforward potential to do well by doing good, serving the triple bottom lines of people, planet, and profit. And you’ll love how our products taste; take one bite and you might start seeing new beginnings everywhere, too.

ReGrained exists to do more with less, and to inspire others to do the same. Join the movement: we’ve made it as easy as eating your favorite snack.

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