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Upcycled Foods, Inc. And Deiorio’s Launch Upcycled pizza dough Product For Foodservice & Retail

Upcycled Foods, Inc. (UP, Inc.) is pleased to announce the launch of DeIorio’s SuperGrain Upcycled Flour Dough Ball. Celebrating 100 years in business, DeIorio’s launched its first upcycled pizza dough ball, now available for foodservice operators and retail brands. The proprietary formula made with ReGrained SuperGrain delivers enhanced nutrition, robust flavor, and an authentic sustainability story to the pizza dough ball.

UP, Inc.’s Upcycled Food Lab, the company’s innovation hub, co-developed the pizza dough ball with DeIorio’s as a value-added solution for food service and retail brands. ReGrained SuperGrain fortifies the pizza dough by providing added plant protein, fiber, great flavor, and sustainability. 

ReGrained SuperGrain unearths the nutritional treasure from grains that are overlooked – every time a beer is brewed – to create an upcycled hero ingredient that delivers a minimum of 3.5 times the dietary fiber and 2 times the plant protein of whole grain and white flours on a pound for pound basis. When formulated into products, SuperGrain increases nutrient density while decreasing carbon footprint and improving water efficiency.

DeIorio’s SuperGrain Upcycled Flour Dough Ball is a proprietary formulation developed to address consumers’ health and sustainability demands while satisfying their taste buds with delicious pizza dough options.

First unveiled at the International Pizza Expo in March 2024, this frozen dough ball is ready to shake up the pizza game. For more information regarding the SuperGrain+® Upcycled Flour Dough Ball, contact DeIorio’s at 800-649-7612 or visit 

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