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Upcycled Foods: A Conversation on The New Era of Sustainability

Curious to learn more about upcycled foods and how they are reshaping modern business practices? We recently delved into the evolution and future of the dynamic upcycling industry. There’s certainly a lot to be excited about! This conversation is part of a larger, ongoing series with Meifan Shi from Waterpoint Lane that will focus on sustainability topics. Be sure to check out the Thomas Yoseloff Business Center at the NY Public Library for upcoming events!

Discover the Insights: We delve into consumer trends and the growing issue of food waste. We also discuss the growing demand for functional foods (like superfoods). Lastly, we unpack the compelling business case for sourcing from upcycled foods. Our Regrained SuperGrain+ is a great example of how upcycling can both reduce food waste and create a value-added, delicious product!

Why Watch? This conversation is tailored for you if you’re curious about how economic prosperity can be aligned with environmental stewardship. It’s also perfect if you want to learn how to reduce food waste and participate in transforming the modern business landscape. Discover your unique role within the upcycled food movement and become an integral part in reshaping the future of food!

Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion – click here to watch the fireside chat and be part of the upcycling movement!

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