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The Upcycled Food Certification Standard!!!

Together with the Upcycled Certification Standards Committee and the UFA Board we are proud to present the world’s first Upcycled Certification Standard—fully ratified, approved and ready for implementation.

This exciting milestone is the culmination of a seven-month process. The diverse team of exceptional individuals that comprised the Standards Committee brought expertise, passion, and dedication to bring our shared vision to fruition.

“Formalizing the Upcycled Certification Standards is a landmark achievement for our movement that yields a more circular economy and resilient food system. Officially Certified Upcycled Ingredients and Products will mark a new generation of commerce that benefits the consumer, the trade, and the planet we call home.”Dan Kurzrock, Co-Founder and CEO of ReGrained, Co-Founder and Executive Board Officer of UFA & UFF

“Fulfilling the great potential of upcycled food movement requires a continued collaborative effort and this standard is representative of the rigor necessary to answer that charge.” – Ben Gray, Standards Committee Co-chair and COO of the UFA

“The Upcycled Certification Standard is an inspiring and hopeful milestone. It lays the groundwork for the 21st-century food system we so desperately need — a system that does more with less; that recognizes resource-efficient brands; and that empowers producers, businesses and consumers to solve food waste together.”Sandra Noonan, Standards Committee member and Chief Sustainability Officer at Just Salad

“Growing consumer awareness and demand for upcycled food has the potential to reduce environmental harm, increase business opportunities, and unleash culinary creativity. An exciting future awaits!”– Dr. Edward Spang, Standards Committee member and professor at University of California, Davis

You can review the full standard here and read more about the process here  

Thank you to those of you who provided feedback and other support throughout this process. Soon we will communicate next steps regarding the Standard adoption and other exciting news related to the launch of the certification program.

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