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The Land of the Waste-Free: Drink Sustainably this 4th of July!

Cheers to American Sustainability!

This 4th of July, let’s make the Land of the Free into the Land of the Waste-Free. You can start by drinking responsibly! Not just for you… For the planet, too! Here’s some of our favorite sustainable beer choices for you to enjoy with friends and family:



Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Get in the spirit with Sierra Nevada’s seasonal lager!

Sierra Nevada is a leader in sustainability. They divert 99.8% of their waste from landfills, have minimized their energy and water usage, and work with farmers to sustainably source their ingredients. Cheers to that!


New Belgium Whizbang

A firework show just for your tastebuds…

New Belgium is a certified B-Corporation committed to both social and environmental sustainability. They were also the first brewery in the United States to purchase 100% of their energy from wind power!


Deschutes Hop Slice

Have a slice of hops with your burger this 4th of July!

Deschutes returns 1 billion gallons of water to the Deschutes river each year to offset what they use to brew. They also donate $1 for every barrel of beer they sell to charitable organizations.


ReGrained Honey Cinnamon IPA

Your favorite non-alcoholic beer choice…

ReGrained fights food waste by upcyclying brewers malt into our delicious snacks, and the 100% backyard compostable packaging will help guarantee a waste-free celebration!

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