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Eat Local: How and Why?

  If you’re a Northern California resident, you may have noticed these two guys hanging out in the nutrition bar section at Whole Foods. If you don’t recognize them — those are ReGrained’s founders, Dan and Jordan. They’re reminding shoppers to support local brands (like ReGrained)! It's exciting that more folks will be…

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6 Tips for an Earth-Friendly Picnic

  Spring has finally sprung! The warm sunshine has never felt so good after what was a long, rainy winter for us in San Francisco. The combination of great weather and Earth Week warrants a picnic, wherever you are! Here are some tips for planning a picnic lunch that’s good for you and the planet:…

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How to Compost a ReGrained Wrapper At Home

Today, we're here to talk trash.  We’re proud of the backyard/home compostable wrappers that we wrap each ReGrained bar in. For us, this sustainable packaging is a key point of difference for our brand, built upon our non-negotiable value of waste reduction. T emporary packaging should have a temporary life.  You can put ReGrained wrappers…

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