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IFT Releases Food Loss and Waste Whitepaper Aimed at Improving Global Food and Nutrition Security

    IFT RELEASES FOOD LOSS AND WASTE WHITEPAPER AIMED AT IMPROVING GLOBAL FOOD AND NUTRITION SECURITY CHICAGO – May 30, 2023 – The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), a nonprofit scientific organization committed to advancing the science of food and its application across the global food system, has released a whitepaper that examines global food insecurity…

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ReGrained’s Guide to Eating Responsibly in 2021

2020 tested all of us. We faced both personal and collective challenges. However, 2020 also revealed incredible moments of humanity, of reaching beyond ourselves to help others. In that spirit, we were inspired to craft some New Year’s Resolutions to "Eat Responsibly" and share them with you! #1 Prepare a Plan Eating healthfully and sustainably starts before even stepping…

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Happy Planet, Healthy You

We are often presented with questions and choices that seem to offer us very few options, either we choose our individual health and well-being or the health of the planet. We are being told that these options are mutually exclusive. Perhaps this is no surprise as much of industry insists that profit must come at…

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ReGrained’s Guide to Stocking Your Pantry

In the midst of COVID-19 the prevalence of pantry friendly recipes has skyrocketed. Canned, jarred, and dry goods are the real MVPs of self-quarantine cooking– and rightfully so. Naturally shelf-stable staples can provide an excellent amount of valuable daily nutrients when chosen wisely. Of course, not all pantry items are created equal. Read on for…

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5 Myths About Fiber

If you are confused about fiber and its role in your diet, you are not alone. The vilification of gluten and shunning of carbs in recent years has led to a national neglect of this key dietary component. Statistics show less than 5% of Americans get their daily recommended intake of…

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