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What Is “Brewer’s Spent Grain?”

  What Is "Brewer's Spent Grain?"   If you haven’t heard of it before, you’re not alone. So-called "spent" grain is a massively overlooked potential source of human nutrition that accounts for 85% of the brewing industry’s byproducts. Think of it similarly to how whey protein is produced as the cheese industry's primary byproduct. Both are co-produced each time…

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What usually happens to brewers’ “spent” grain?

  What Usually Happens To Brewer's "Spent" Grains?   This is a valid question. And we find ourselves answering it a lot. It’s a polite way of asking if ReGrained is a solution in search of a problem. TLDR; We’re not.   Historically: The supply of this brewer’s byproduct has been in balance with agricultural demand for thousands…

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