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Shelter-In-Place Hack: DIY Upcycled Spa Water

In the process of adjusting to a new normal within an unpredictable landscape it’s helpful to highlight the simple joys we can sprinkle into our daily routines. So if your work from home regimen is feeling stale, we have a treat for you! 

This easy recipe for upcycled spa water is a small step we can all take to fight food waste AND stay-at-home stress. It’s hard not to feel at ease while sipping on sweet, upcycled luxury. It takes no time at all (not that any of us are lacking in it these days) and can be made from just two ingredients you’re sure to have on hand: fruit scraps and water. Make a pitcher or two to keep stocked in your fridge so the next time you’re faced with WFH worries, the last roll of toilet paper, or the line outside of Costco, you’re well equipped to sip and soothe.


– Fruit scraps

– Water

– Pitcher



1. Throw fruit scraps of choice into a pitcher

2. Fill pitcher with purified water

3. Let sit while the flavor develops. The longer you let the fruits bathe the stronger the flavor will be! 

If you’re feeling real fancy, take it to the next level and elevate your mixture with the addition of fresh herbs. Strawberry and basil, apple and ginger, pineapple and mint… get creative with combinations!

Take it a notch further by straining and carbonating the mixture in your SodaStream for a homemade La Croix dupe. The potential for creativity is abound!

When you reach the bottom of the pitcher, toss the scraps in the compost and repeat with a new batch for spa-like comfort at home, day in and day out.

Give this one a try – we promise you’ll thank us later. Because let’s face it, you can only drink so much whipped coffee in one day… 

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