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ReGrained’s Guide to Eating Responsibly in 2021

2020 tested all of us. We faced both personal and collective challenges. However, 2020 also revealed incredible moments of humanity, of reaching beyond ourselves to help others. In that spirit, we were inspired to craft some New Year’s Resolutions to “Eat Responsibly” and share them with you!

#1 Prepare a Plan

Eating healthfully and sustainably starts before even stepping foot into the grocery store. In 2021, we resolve to come prepared with a list based on meals we plan to make for the week. Worst case, we can always use grocery store lines as a last minute opportunity!

Sticking to a list should mean only buying what we need and can use. It also keeps us from buying what we are craving in the moment! This will create less possibility of later wasting produce at home, where much of our food goes to waste.

#2 Be Sustainably Savvy

We aim to shop where values intersects with value. Sustainable food does not necessarily mean more expensive prices. Here are some strategies we will try in 2021 to align our shopping with our values, and our budget!

  • Visit a farmer’s market for some deals on organic produce! Third party certifications are important for trust and transparency, but did you know that some stands are not certified organic by the USDA but still practice organic farming? And that many markets accept food stamps as part of their SNAP program? We find that having conversations with local farmers is a great way to discover these opportunities.
  • Sign up for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes! Even if there are no available farmer’s markets near you, you can still get produce directly from the farm you support. With the pandemic affecting our small farmers, this is a great opportunity to eat responsibly. There are also some great online services that you can turn to, such as from our friends Imperfect Foods and Farm Fresh To You. In general, going through a CSA will boast prices cheaper than ones you’ll find in grocery stores. 
  • Eat seasonal local vegetables! If organic is not possible for you, choosing seasonal and local produce at the grocery store is another way to make an impact!

      #3 Snack Smart

      We all love to snack, but these moments between meals is often overlooked component of healthy and sustainable lifestyles. This year we aim to upgrade our snacking with more nutrient dense ingredients. We get enough protein, but not nearly enough fiber. Snacks that are rich in fiber keeps us fuller for longer, sustains our energy throughout the day, and promotes healthy digestion.

      Nothing beats snacking on whole fruits and vegetables. That said, we will for sure be eating more of our puffs, and also looking to our friends at Hive, Thrive, and SnackMagic to see what else the curate. 

      #4 Eat More Plants

      Eating less animal products and eating more plants significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Many plant protein staples are budget-friendly and include tofu, brown rice, beans, and oats. This year, we’ll also be getting adventurous with the offerings on GTFO It’s Vegan which has some pretty creative items like plant based bacon, fried chicken, and even seafood (plus, we love that they carry our four flavors of vegan puffs too!) 

      #4 Double your recipes and freeze your leftovers

      We get it- some days we just don’t want to cook, or just don’t have the time. This year, we resolve to plan head for these moments by doubling recipes and freezing your leftovers! The freezer is like a pause button for your food, and is a tool most of us do not use often enough. Plus, we love that home frozen meals wastes less packaging and money from takeout or the frozen section of grocery store!

      #5 Support Your Local Restaurants!

      When we do order from restaurants, this year more than ever we feel it is important to consider who we are supporting. 2020 was a hard year for small businesses, and as consumers we have more power than we realize to help them through these challenging times. If possible to order direct from the restaurant, we can help make sure they keep more of the revenue. We also will be buying gift cards to local and BIPOC owned restaurants. 

      Onward and Upward!

      We all enter 2021 feeling urgency to make smarter choices for the greater good. To Eat Responsibly is to put your values into action.

      Which of your resolutions did we leave out? Let us know in the comments.

      Thank you for leading the revolution with us! 

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