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ReGrained Receives The Upcycled Food Certification!

We are proud to announce that ReGrained SuperGrain+® is among the first ingredients in the world to receive the certification developed by the Upcycled Food Association.

The United States alone generates over 20 billion pounds of brewer’s spent grain each year. After the sugar is extracted for brewing, this highly nutritious grain typically becomes food waste—representing a significant environmental footprint.

ReGrained utilizes its patented technology, co-developed with the USDA, to safely rescue this food supply and craft ReGrained SuperGrain+®, an innovative and versatile ingredient. SuperGrain+® delivers a minimum of 3.5-times the fiber and 2-times the protein of whole grain flours. Every pound prevents the carbon dioxide equivalent of burning 1 pound of coal and saves over 300 gallons of water.   

“We are honored to achieve the upcycled ingredient certification, and are excited to support our partners in developing certifiable finished products,” states Dan Kurzrock, company CEO. “Nearly 35% of the world’s food is lost or wasted, which generates 8% of greenhouse gas emissions and poorly uses our planet’s precious resources. Bringing tasty and nutritious upcycled foods to every aisle of the grocery store combats this global issue. ReGrained has been leading the way since we baked our first loaf of upcycled bread in 2011, and will continue for decades to come.”

SuperGrain+® was the first of many ingredients developed for ReGrained’s food manufacturer and foodservice customers, with others including oats from milk production and pulp from juicing. Collaborating with these partners in its Upcycled Food Lab—from product concepting and menu strategy to prototype development and unmatched category expertise—ReGrained is the go-to upcycled food innovation platform for companies around the world.

Learn more about our ReGrained ingredients and partnerships

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