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ReGrained Presents: Ralph and Roxy’s Upcycling Adventure

At ReGrained, we live to breed enthusiasm in the world about upcycling and food waste action. Our passion for the issue started with a clear “a-ha!” moment that caught a few nascent homebrewers by surprise. With everything we do as a brand, we strive to seed that energy in others. 

Ralph and Roxy’s Upcycling Adventure was created in that spirit. More art project than classic corporate explainer video, we reimagined our genesis within the context of a larger-than-life cartoon story. The project was produced in collaboration with Probably A Cult, a boutique production company founded by my brother Ben. 

We eschewed clunky icon animations and cheesy voice-over in favor of hand-drawn characters embarking on an action-packed adventure, no dialogue needed. In the story, two friends (Ralph and Roxy) visit a local brewery, where they literally stumble upon a “super” discovery that they must share with the world. 

We believe that upcycling can be an intuitive concept that will “click” for folks if presented in the right way. 

Above all else, we had a blast producing this, and hope you enjoy viewing it just as much. Food Waste is a serious issue, but who said solutions can’t be fun and delicious?

Tap on over to the video and tune in to enjoy two and half minutes of fun, and be sure to let us know what you think!  


Ralph and Roxy’s Upcycling Adventure from ReGrained on Vimeo.


ABOUT PROBABLY A CULT: Probably A Cult is a Los Angeles-based production company that creates live-action, animated and live-streamed content. This animation team lead by Ben Kurzrock ( and Chris Kim ( specializes in 2D frame-by-frame animation, and experimented with mixed media for this project, combining live action and CG elements to give it a unique aesthetic.

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