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Pasta La Vista, Food Waste: Innovation Spotlight

We couldn’t pastably be more excited to announce our newest collaboration with our friends at The Pasta Shop. Working with other food partners on cobranded projects is not only core to ReGrained’s ability to accomplish our mission of upcycling at scale, it is fun, meaningful work. 


For this project, our teams got together in their kitchen in Oakland over bags of ReGrained SuperGrain+ flour to test different recipes, shapes, and techniques for creating pasta “Powered by ReGrained.” 

ReGrained pasta

Our goal was to push the percentage inclusion of our ingredient while maintaining the right balance of flavor, texture, color, and mouthfeel. We played with extruded and rolled pastas of all types- tagliatelle, fettuccini, rigatoni, penne, spaghetti, you name it—we ReGrained it.

It wasn’t long in the kitchen before it was obvious how talented The Pasta Shop team is, their experience can be seen at every turn. They are true pros at their craft! With our knowledge of SuperGrain+ paired with their expertise in fresh pasta, we honed in on a product line we are thrilled with. 

While we loved many of the applications, we decided on sticking to a spaghetti and a fettuccini to launch.

The former is a simple extruded dough, and the later a classic rolled egg dough. The final product has the iconic caramel coloring of ReGrained’s hero ingredient and a savory bite. Overall, we are most excited about the flavor. SuperGrain+ offers a unique depth, with nutty roasted notes that offer pairing and preparation options galore.


Take it from Sandy Sonnenfelt, The Pasta Shop’s Program Director:

“We love ReGrained’s mission to upcycle valuable brewers’ grain and couldn’t wait to try their flour in our pasta R&D kitchen. The result of our collaboration is pasta that is nutty and malty with a great depth of flavor. Those qualities lend themselves to the simplest of preparations – with butter or extra virgin olive oil and perhaps some roasted squash and sautéed greens.”-Sandy Sonnenfelt, Fresh Pasta Program Director

While ReGrained is today best known for our packaged foods, we couldn’t be more excited about the world of products we are developing with our partners from savory to sweet. The world seems to be our oyster when it comes to where we can go and what we can make with this ingredient. Come to think of it, some fried oysters breaded with SuperGrain+ would be awesome (*scribbles note in R&D to-do list*). 

With our new logo in hand as a call to action, and our ingredient doing the work, there is no aisle of the grocery store (or shelf of the pantry) where we can’t venture together. 

Products Powered by ReGrained are delicious AND nutritious AND help make our planet a better place. 

Hungry yet? Come grab some spaghetti and fettuccine Powered by ReGrained and Eat Up! 

-Jordan Schwartz, Co-Founder & Chief Grainmaster

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