Listen UP: CAFÉ Talks Ep. 67 – ReThinking Waste



Listen UP: Sharing CAFÉ Talks Ep. 67 – ReThinking Waste

“What once was thought to be of no use has been given a chance to be great again, to feed us all and pay respect to the plant, the animal, and the products we made and pushed aside what was left. What is one man’s waste is another’s treasure – how true it is to those who think and act in tune with the planet.


Join CAFÉ Talks for a fascinating conversation with Dan Kurzrock, CEO of Upcycled Foods, Inc. as he challenges us to re-think how we approach the foods we prepare and consume. His company mantra: “To better align the food we eat with the planet we love” points to what each of us can do to impact the world around us. His company is finding new ways of using what we haphazardly referred to as waste in the past. This is the start of something great.”



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By UP, Inc.

Upcycled Foods Inc. (UP, Inc.) powers the B2B upcycled food economy with product development expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a growing portfolio of ingredient solutions. With its innovation hub – the Upcycled Food Lab – the company leads the way for food makers as the go-to development partner. Upcycled products close the loop on some of the food system’s most overlooked and undervalued supply chains while delivering on taste, nutrition, and functionality. The company launched with ReGrained SuperGrain+®, which catalyzed the growth of the upcycled food industry. Upcycled Foods Inc. is a proudly certified Public Benefit Corporation and 1% For The Planet member, and cofounder of the Upcycled Food Association.

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