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Invest in ReGrained

ReGrained was founded on the stoke of our community. Now, we’re returning to you with an offer to invest in our company. You have the opportunity to own ReGrained’s mission and success with us.

ReGrained is thrilled to announce our equity crowdfunding campaign. What’s amazing about this kind of investing is that anyone can do it – you don’t have to be a millionaire.

Note that we are legally required to keep all details and questions related to the deal specifically within the Indiegogo portal. This post is simply to provide context about why we are raising capital in this way and get you excited to take this journey with us.

When Jordan and I started ReGrained, we “bootstrapped” the business with passion for our purpose, enthusiasm for our concept, and sheer will to succeed. We started on our college campus and used rewards-based crowdfunding to grow our concept into a local brand.


Now, market forces are now pulling us into the global arena. We have invented patent-pending technology with the USDA, powering our supply chain. We have launched 3 flavors of bars and have savory snacks on the way. We have exciting product partnerships in the works with global brands.

These developments are tremendous, and we’re ready, but like all startups we require resources to realize the full potential of our growth. That’s why we’re raising capital.

Traditionally, access to early-stage investment opportunities have been closed to the public. Now, new regulations have made the democratization of startup fundraising possible. This means that founders like us can tap into our communities. In return, our community can support our mission by doing even more than eating ReGrained bars–through investing in the opportunity to own a piece of our company.

If you believe in what ReGrained is building, now is the time to get in on the action! We’re so thankful that we can plow forward knowing that our company will continue to be owned by people who care about our mission.

Questions? Head to the portal, check out the offering, and post to the forum:

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