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Happy Planet, Healthy You

We are often presented with questions and choices that seem to offer us very few options, either we choose our individual health and well-being or the health of the planet. We are being told that these options are mutually exclusive. Perhaps this is no surprise as much of industry insists that profit must come at the expense of the environment. 

At ReGrained we challenge these assumptions with products that support whole system wellness. After all, no one should have to choose between their health and the health of what supports all life, our beautiful planet. We realized that within that paradigm, consumers weren’t actually being given much of a choice at all, so we sought a new way.

Brown Wheat With Sunrays Effect

A New Way

ReGrained was born from the powerful belief that we reflect the health of the planet and nourishing our bodies doesn’t have to come at the expense of the earth. In reality, to nourish our body is to care for our world. We re-envisioned what business can do when driven by purpose and questioned how food “waste” might be re-understood as a vital resource. Just as in nature where nothing is wasted, we are intent on harnessing that creative power to close the loop between destruction and creation. We uncovered that what was previously considered trash, was actually treasure. By tapping into that potential we are narrowing the gap between healthy bodies and a healthy planet… and it all began over a couple of beers. 

As two college buddies, we began brewing our own beer. Much to our dismay, we found ourselves throwing away large amounts of “spent” grain. We recognized, if this was happening in our small home kitchen, imagine what it was like at large breweries where all that grain was being put into landfills. We got curious and began utilizing the grain that had been used in the brewing process to cook up other creations. 

Our SuperGrain+ Discovery

What started as loaves of bread transformed into superfood nutrition bars and puffs as we learned of the versatility and health benefits of this mighty, re-envisioned grain. SuperGrain+ is a versatile, punched up, powerhouse ingredient that has as much protein as almond flour, over 3 times as much dietary fiber than whole wheat flour and is packed with micronutrients and prebiotic fiber. Enjoying SuperGrain+ and eating these macro and micronutrients certainly speaks for itself, feeding a healthy gut and supporting a healthy you, but the magic doesn’t stop there. For every pound of grain that is revitalized, 300 gallons of water is saved!

Young plant watering from green hose

A Simple Choice

When we lift this vital resource up rather than consigning it to the landfill, we actively address climate change by reducing the methane being emitted into our atmosphere. The proliferation of microbreweries across the U.S. has created an excess of “spent” grain. This excess supply can be met with increased demand and by choosing ReGrained you are doing exactly that. This is where we invite you to join our movement

Every choice we make has an impact, but unlike many other food sources out there, ReGrained serves you and the planet. You no longer have to make an impossible choice because ReGrained gives you real options, the chance for your everyday eating to support a healthier you and a healthier earth. When you buy ReGrained you invest in your wellness and the environment benefits. 

Person Walking On Pathway Near Trees

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