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Cookie Dough

Doughp, an edible and bakeable cookie dough brand, joined forces with the Upcycled Food Lab to develop their “Beast Mode Brownie” flavor. This limited release item incorporates SuperGrain into a sweet indulgence with 2x the protein and 6x the fiber than conventional flavors.


ReGrained’s first CPG innovation was a line of popular nutrition bars powered by SuperGrain. This healthy and sustainable snack won several awards and was found in grocery stores such as Whole Foods across the US.


Our Upcycled Food Lab introduced a premium pasta product created in partnership with Semolina Artisanal Pasta: Upcycled Strozzapreti. Versions of Strozzapreti have long been made in various forms across Italy and history, using the different flours available in a given region, even potatoes or stale bread. The scroll-like pasta is a contemporary twist on this tradition by blending in ReGrained SuperGrain+®, our upcycled hero ingredient. This incredible and unique pasta boasts a wonderfully malty flavor and Semolina’s beloved toothy texture.


Crackers offer a natural medium to showcase the rich flavor and nutrition of our upcycled grains. From baked crackers, soda, cheese, and even rustic styles, the potential is vast. Pictured here is a ReGrained “Everything-Seasoned” Cracker, plated with carrot tartare, cream cheese and salmon roe.


ReGrained breads bring two ancient staples of human civilization full circle: beer and bread. Each slice conserves impactful environmental resources while recovering vital nutrients along the way. With SuperGrain this might just be the best thing since…well, you know the rest. 

Ice Cream

Adding ReGrained SuperGrainto an ice-cream base provides incredible flavor in both traditional dairy and vegan formats. Pictured is Bi-Rite Creamery‘s vegan Banana Bread flavor, where they steeped our hero ingredient in coconut milk before combining with roasted bananas and pecans.


Cereal Milk. Remember drinking the delicious remnants after finishing your bowl of cereal? ReGrained SuperGrain+ can deliver that nostalgic flavor experience when formulated into a plant-based beverage applications.

Cereal and Granola

ReGrained SuperGrain+ performs exceptionally well in breakfast cereal and granola applications. The pleasant nutty sweetness pairs well with a range of flavors, and the natural source of fiber and prebiotics is a perfect nutritional callout for the category.

Extruded Puffed Snacks

Our Upcycled Food Lab crafted this innovation with twin-screw extrusion technology to show the versatility of ReGrained SuperGrain. The result is a crunchy puffed low-calorie and high-fiber snack that is dried, never fried. Great straight out of the bag, with a favorite dip or as a creative healthy topper for salad/soup. With a sweet seasoning, this would make a great breakfast cereal!

Burger Bun + Binding System + Condiment

This next-level burger represents several upcycled food concepts. First, the bun is a brioche baked with ReGrained SuperGrain for an upcycled variation on a classic. SuperGrain was also used in the burger’s protein binding system to replace a traditional wheat-based system. The result improved yield, color stability, mouthfeel, and flavor. Lastly, the sauce was thickened with SuperGrain instead of modified starch.


This elevated “Re-Neapolitan” pizza crust is a slice above the rest. Our reimagined traditional soft and chewy Italian pizza dough has slight fermented flavor and quick cook time. Each pie boasts 10x more fiber and 2x the protein.


Emulsified your sauce innovations with ReGrained SuperGrain instead of modified starches for a condiment that isn’t just on trend, but also clean-label. For example, this smooth and smoky BBQ style sauce is every beer lovers perfect pairing.


ReGrained upgrades conventional wheat-based noodles to create a versatile base for endless recipe variations. With more than 4x the fiber of traditional noodles, you can feel as great about the reduction in net carbs as you can about reducing waste.

Coating Systems

These ReGrained SuperGrain coated tenders add a desirable crisp, crunchy texture, and upgraded nutrition. The malty flavor notes add a depth of complexity, and the natural color highlights offer enhanced visual appeal.

Cakes & Patisserie

With upcycled food, you can “have your cake, and eat it too.”  ReGrained SuperGrainin this modified flourless cake recipe has an improved health score without compromising flavor on the dessert plate.

Seasoning Systems

For this twist on Beef Suya Skewers, our Upcycled Food hero replaces the nuttiness, texture (and allergen) of peanuts. The ReGrained SuperGrain inclusion also adds texture, almost as if it was floured and fried.

Curry & Naan

ReGrained SuperGrain Naan dough blend contains approximately 9x more fiber and 2x more protein than a conventional Naan. In curry, SuperGrain allows for the removal of modified starches, while still maintaining a stable, homogenous blend. Potential for paste applications too!


Can you name a more iconic duo than pretzels and beer? How about a pretzel made with a hero ingredient upcycled from the brewing industry? ReGrained pretzels don’t just tell a great story, the flavor works on every level. Perfect for CPG and food service!

Pita Chips

Rooted in traditional kitchen wisdom, pita chips began as a way to reduce waste. These crispy, crunchy chips elevate that concept to the next level with ReGrained SuperGrain. Each serving is a good source of fiber, 3x more than conventional whole grain pita chips!

Let’s Upcycle Together!

ReGrained SuperGrain not only outperforms nearly every other grain flour in nutrients like protein and fiber with less calories, but also packs incredible flavor and environmental impact. Let’s work together to create the next big thing!
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