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Bavaria by the Bay, Powered by ReGrained

Here at ReGrained, we recognize the value of a perfect pairing. Honey and cinnamon, chocolate and coffee, blueberry and ginger…

There are just certain textures and flavors that, when enjoyed together, give us the ever so elusive Aha…ahhh! moment. 

So, when we say beer…you say, “sounds great, I’ll have a pint!” Just kidding, when it comes to pairing, there’s nothing more iconic then the age-old duo of beer and pretzels. 

That’s why we were stoked about the opportunity to collaborate with fellow Bay Area locals and founders of North Bay Pretzel Co. to innovate a delectable Bavarian style pretzel that’s as fluffy as the fog rolling over the Golden Gate, but with as much character as Karl

ReGrained SuperGrain+ powering a chewy pretzel with a pint to wash it down is the kind of full circle that we (day)dream of. 

We caught up with Ben Soppitt, half of the duo behind the dough, to learn more about the background behind the business, why they decided to collaborate with ReGrained, and what exciting ventures they have in store.

Tell us a bit about the history of how North Bay Pretzel Co. came to be.

We both have kids at the same school and met through the Dads Club there. The genesis of the company was our love for pretzels. I would always go to Blue Bottle in San Francisco to get my pretzel fix until they suddenly stopped serving them. When I asked them why, they said the supplier burned down, and I saw it as an opportunity. Unwilling to give up pretzels– I soon met Chris, we talked about the food industry, and the idea was born.

Did you always have an interest in launching a food company?

I’m a business executive but always had a strong interest in food from my days as a student working for my father’s food company. Chris already had over 20 years of experience working in the Bay Area food scene. We both had long held ambitions to launch our own food company but had not found the right opportunity, timing or partners to do so until now.

Your website proudly states your pretzels are “distinctly Californian” and “made by the Bay.” What do you think makes the Bay Area so special and why was it important for you to infuse that pride into your brand?

The Bay Area is special because of its ability to absorb the best of many diverse cultures yet still maintain its own distinct identity… somehow transforming what it absorbs into something that maintains its traditional roots but is made fresh and new at the same time. 

Our flour is milled in Petaluma, we use sea salt from the Pacific Ocean, and of course ReGrained Supergrain
+ upcycled from local breweries. We believe our pretzels are not only tastier but healthier and better for the environment – all key values reflecting our Bay Area roots.References to the pretzel in European art and literature date back at least to the 12th Century and the pretzel has become a key cultural emblem in Germany. But in the U.S., pretzels are typically only associated with the West Coast. We wanted to create a distinctly Californian product in the hopes of then spreading pretzel culture to the East Coast and creating a U.S. pretzel culture we can collectively call our own. 

Why did you decide to collaborate with ReGrained?

ReGrained is a great Bay Area story. It’s a startup using innovative technology to create a unique product by repurposing resources that would otherwise be wasted. The SuperGrain+ ingredient itself is highly nutritious and adds depth of flavor that cannot be replicated by other flours. Our baker loves the product and is constantly experimenting with new uses for it. 

Our customers buy our pretzels because they taste great, but they also appreciate having an understanding of the nature and source of ingredients. It all contributes to the driving philosophy of the product.

Where can people find your product?

A growing list of restaurants, brewery taprooms, other food service locations and events. To inquire about carrying them, please email:

Best beer to pair with your pretzel?

My favorite is The Founder’s Ale from Pond Farm Brewing in San Rafael. It’s a British beer with a higher malt and lower hop count than a traditional American IPA – another example of the Bay Area taking the best of the old world and mixing it with the new to make something great.


There you have it, pretzels born in the Bay, by the Bay, and for the Bay…for now! That feeling that Ben shared there’s just something special about this place is why we call The Bay Area home. We are proud to be part of a food community doing things with intention, making our food system better, one pretzel and one beer at a time. 

Keep following our friends and partners at North Bay Pretzel Co. to see where this project goes. Hot take: 2020 World Series…“I’ll have 2 (ReGrained) pretzels and 2 beers, please…and Go Giants!!!”

Interested in powering some of your products with ReGrained? Drop us a line here. 

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