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4 Ways to Get ReGrained Delivered in The San Francisco Bay Area

ReGrained is still small but growing. Here are 4 ways you can get ReGrained bars delivered to your door in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

  1. Imperfect Produce: Do you subscribe to Imperfect Produce’s ugly produce farm box? We absolutely adore their business model–they take cosmetically imperfect produce that would otherwise go unsold, and offer it for 25-50% off grocery store prices. They save valuable nutrition in the food system and turn what would be losses for farmers into a revenue stream. Plus, you can customize your box each week to add ReGrained bars. Win/Win/Win! 

  2. GoodEggs: ReGrained bars are now available through GoodEggs organic grocery delivery marketplace. Add us to your basket, along with a host of other incredible local foods. 

  3. Luke’s Local: Luke’s is another great grocery delivery option. Be sure to check out some of their meal delivery too while you’re at it. Lukes also has a newly opened retail store in Cole Valley.

  4. Instacart: The team at Instacart will shop for you and make the delivery. We’re available through Rainbow Grocery Coop’s page.

Don’t need delivery? Visit one of our retail partners

Does your office carry snacks? One of our distributors likely can get our bars in. Just let us know

Want to stock up, or are you not in the Bay? We’ll ship to you! (and so will Amazon). 


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